RR complete Engine (water cooled)

The RR 150cc engine is reed valve aspirated (big reeds) and built with Quattrini's RR crankcase (external threaded rods). It's perfect extreme acceleration races where its performances are the best. The thermal unit is composed by an aluminium cylinder (reed valve asppirated, nikasil covered, 60mm bore, 51mm stroke, 150cc, booster exhaust, 5 schnuerle portings), aluminuim interlocking head, printed and lightweighted piston (1 piston ring). The exhaus pipe is handmade and straight mounted. Polish intake manifold and 39mm diameter carburetor already set up for the engine. The full circle Quattrini's crankshaft is made of strengthened material. The ignition is a 20mm cone Vespatronic, 1kg flywheel with variable timing advance. The M2 clutch is modified with 4 covered aluminuim disks and double spring. The clutch cover has a long lever. The Faio's race shif cross is made of special quenched material and installed on the gauged and smoothed gearbox. About the primari ratio, we propose various set up based on the customer preferences. The water cooling system includes a built-in pump on the crankcase that take mechanical movement from the 3th gear. Tubes and radiator are not included. In the straight version the engine has 45hp at 12.000 rpm. All engines are shipped aready built, they are just to plug and play on the vespa body. We guarantee the availability of Angelo Zirri for any question or technical support for the use and installation of the engine and every spare parts needed.

Engine components:

N.1 RR d.60 thermal unit
N.1 vespatronic ignition
N.1 quattrini's clutch with 4 plates
N.1 d.39 carburetor
N.1 RR exhaust pipe
N.1 faio's race shift cross
N.1 strenghtened shift cross spring
N.1 primary raio 27/69
N.1 billet anti-tear
N.1 quattrini's bearings and oil seals set
N.1 full circle quattrini's cranckshaft
N.1 quadruple gearbox with 3th and 4th short gear
N.1 gears set (original piaggio's 1th, 2th , 3th, 4th gears)

N.1 quadruple nut
N.1 clutch basket
N.4 clutch plates
N.1 oil take-plate
N.1 clutch seger
N.1 roll + spring + pressure plat
N.1 long lever clutch cover
N.6 d.6 clutchcase bolt
N.6 d.6 clutchcase washers
N.1 gaskets set and rubber set
N.4 d.5 ignition screws
N.4 d.5 ignition washers
N.1 d.12 ignition washer
N.1 pk flywheel nut
N.1 cold spark long thread
N.1 silicone spark pipette
N.1 carburetor rubber
N.2 intake maniforld wrappers
N.1 wire support for long lever clutch cover
N.1 nut, whaher and bolt wire support
N.4 d.7 thermal unit head nut
N.4 d.7 thermal unit head flat washer
N.1 quattrini's RR double cankcase with external threaded rods
N.4 external threaded rods
N.1 bearing axis wheel 20-47-14
N.1 pk linchpin wheel
N.3 brake plate threaded rods
N.2 gearbox segers
N.2 clutch gauges 0.98 and 1.45 mm
N.2 clutch spheres
N.1 special gear selector and thorn
N.1 stop-plate and selector washer
N.1 oil vent
N.2 oil caps with gaskets
N.2 rubber pads-stop engine starter
N.1 engine starter support
N.2 engine starter gear spring
N.1 stop-seger primary raio
N.1 primary ratio bearing
N.1 stop-seger primary ratio bearing
N.1 engine starter gear washer
N.1 engine starter gear
N.1 quadruple gear basket
N.1 rolls-cage wheel axis
N.3 quadruple, pinion and flywheel stop-keys
N.1 pinion nut


N.1 125 plastic cover
N.1 black iron flywheel cover
N.4 flywheel cover screws and washers
N.1 engine starter lever with nut
N.1 brake shoes + brake drum
N.1 brake support plate